October 22

    I woke up super early today because it was cold. I think I had a hundred blankets on and two pairs of socks and pants but I was still cold. So I got up and put on a jacket and walked to the Waffle House.
    It was still early morning so it was mostly empty there. I think the other two customers there were truck drivers, but they sat far away and left me alone. Lynn gave me tons of coffee and said she felt cold just looking at me.
    I probably should have brought my homework to the Waffle House and just stayed there for a few hours. I don't think Lynn would have minded. But I didn't think that far ahead, so I just ate my breakfast and then left. Fortunately, it was a bit warmer by then since the sun was all the way up.
    It's only Saturday but I'm already bored. I hate weekends.