October 16, 1982
Dear Heather,

    I know it's only been two days, but here I am writing to you again. My first letter may not have even gotten to you by now, or you may be reading it as I'm writing this, but I can't stop thinking about you.
    Tom set up a typewriter on our dining room table... I'm married! I have a husband! I got married in 1965 when I was twenty-two. I went to college to study Italian literature and he was in one of my classes. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him! I just knew he was the one.
    And children! I'm a mother now, Heather! I have two twin girls and a boy, except now they're all adults and the girls both have little babies. My daughters are Poppy and Honey and the boy is William, after his father's father, but we just call him Bill. He's serving in the army right now and is based in Germany. Tom's family is full of military men.
    Anyway, Tom's got his own, newer typewriter for his work. He's a law professor now. I have his old one and we've put it in the dining room table, since Tom and I just eat in the kitchen. We only use the dining room when we have guests.
    You should come too, Heather. I can make lasagna for you, even better than how my mother used to make it since I use fresh tomatoes from our backyard and Tom and I can afford more and better cheese.

        With love,